Capturing your special moments to dreamember a lifetime

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I Love Photography... Its as simple as that.

What started out as a hobby has developed into my passion which allows me to capture those special moments so everyone can dreamember them a lifetime.  I can still remember those childhood days playing with my dads camera's as he clicked away and now see that same desire from my children, maybe its genetics in the family.

Ive been able to take part in many special and personal events from Weddings to Birthdays and worked with major events such as IIFA Awards, MorariBapu Ram Katha, YJA, Bayside Bhangra, IndiaFest, IIFF and covered visits from Indian President & Major Concert events.

Some of my photography has won awards and even published in National Geographic which was a true honor, but no matter what the event may be the best satisfaction is seeing smiles across the faces of everyone who was part of the special day and knowing they will truly cherish the memories. 

Over the years I have also come across some great photographers who share in the passion as I do. This friendship has allowed me to offer my services from North America to Across the Globe.

1 photograh at a time ...
Capturing your special moments to dreamember a lifetime.
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